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Coastline Signature Homes logo.

Our Story

"The heart and soul of all our homes are the wonderful families who live in them. We consider all of our homeowners to be members of our extended family. We are simply neighbors building homes for neighbors, all while providing an outstanding buying experience and next-level customer service. 


From the first handshake to the day you walk into your new home, we are there for you every step of the way. It's our purpose, our promise, and our commitment to you.


When it comes to your dream home, nothing should stand in your way. At Coastline, we combine our experience, expertise, and exceptional knack for customer service to create the easiest and most enjoyable building process possible."

- Tyler Waddell, President

Coastline Signature Homes founder and president, Tyler Waddell, is a fourth generation home builder with a passion for building lasting one-of-a-kind homes that allow families to thrive.


Our Story

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